Kanjo Knives

Kanjo knives are made in Seki city Japan. The knives are very sharp. The line has ZDP189, HAP40, VG10, SG2 / R2 , Aogami super / Blue super, shirogami / white steel and so on.

Kanjo Tukahara makes it. Now probably he is 28,29 years old. His father also makes knives at the same company.
His father's brand is Kajin. Their main business is sharpening, but they can make their knives and OEM knives. You can see their OEM knives at Kaapabashi in Tokyo and in other countries. And they offers handles with bolster to a famous company too.
Seki city has companies that relate to kitchen knives, Handle makers, sharpening companies, Saya sheath companies and so on. They help each other for their business.
Of course, there are companies that do all the process themselves.