What angle should I sharpen?

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    The sharpening angle depends on your preference. An acute angle is sharper, and an obtuse angle is more resistant to chipping. If you sharpen so that a damascus pattern touches the whetstone, the damascus pattern will be scratched. If you don't want to do that, sharpen so that there is a gap between the whetstone and the damascus pattern. After purchase, the sharpness became dull and needed to be sharpened for the first time or several times, lightly sharpen only the edge to restore its sharpness. However, if only the edge is sharpened many times, the edge will become thicker and less sharp. In that case, sharpen the damascus pattern to make the edge and blade thinner. Then scratches are erased by increasing grit of whetstones, and patterns are revealed using Suehiro's GSR-320. It is to imitate that damascus pattern is revealed by intentionally scratching the softer stainless steel with sandblasting.

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