Yoshihiro Jyosaku Shirogami White Steel #2 Deba Knife 150mm

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Brand: Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro
: Deba Knife
Blade Material: Shirogami Steel #2 (White Steel) Clad Material
Core: Shirogami Steel #2 (White Steel)
Outside: Soft Iron
Handle Material: Magnolia Wood
Bolster: Water Buffalo Horn
Blade/Edge Length: around 155/165mm
Total Length: 290 mm
Blade Thickness: around max 7 mm
Blade Width: max 48 mm
Blade Type: single bevel & right handle
Weight: around  243 g (8.6 oz)
Saya Sheath: Magnolia with Ebony pin
Made in Sakai Japan

Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro knives are made in Sakai city. The city is well known as the one of producing areas of Japanese kitchen knives in Japan.  The style of making Japanese kitchen knives is unique. The knives are made by the division of labor system. There are craftsmen who install handle, blacksmiths who forge blades. And Craftsmen who grind blades.  

Superior characteristic

1.  Selected premium steel finished by skillful craftsmen, these are the masterpieces of Japanese style knives.

2.   The blade has both sharpness and durability, which is produced by carefully forged soft iron and premium Yasuki Steel.  It is also capable for resharpening.

3.  Every single edging is done by craftsman, and excellent cut is guaranteed from the beginning of your use.

Yasuki Sirogami carbon steel which is hard and have sharpness, have been used by professionals for a long time in Japan. This steel is pure high carbon steel that impurities removed.


Carbon Steel is sharp. So many people prefer the sharpness of carbon steel. But carbon steel is not rust resistance. Rust will appear. Please wash, wipe and dry it up well after use. In case rust appears on the edge, remove it by a sharpening stone. In case rust appears on the blade, use cleanser(in case of stainless steel) or scourer(in case of iron steel). (scratch may appear)
Don't twist edge, and don't cut and hit frozen foods or bones, the edge will be chipped or broken since the blade of Japanese is thinner for sharpness.