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Yoshihiro Ao Namiuchi Blue #1 Kiritsuke Yanagiba


  • $326.00

Brand: Yoshihiro
Style: Kiritsuke Yanagiba (Single Bevel)
Handle: Octagonal Yew
Edge: Blue #1
Side: Iron
Sheath: Including

Handling time is usually 1-2 weeks.

Yoshihiro is located in Sakai city where is famous as for a producing area of
cutlery.  This Ao Namiuchi means that Ao is Blue steel which is made by HITACHI Metal and Namiuchi means ripple. The back of blade has Namiuchi pattern is beautiful, you can feel the traditional and the skill of forgesmith.

If you want to engrave your name with KANJI on this blade, please contact us. It is free of charge.

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