TOJIRO PRO DP 3Layered by VG10 Western Deba Knife All Stainless Steel 170mm F-615

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Brand:  Tojiro
Type:  Deba Knife
Blade Material: DP Cobalt Alloy Steel Clad Material 
                           Core:  Cobalt Alloy Steel (VG10)
                           Outside:  13 Chrome Stainless Steel
Blande length: 170 mm (6.6'')
Total length: 290 mm (11.4'')
Weight: 180 g (6.3 oz)

Handle: 18-8 Stainless Steel
Edging: Double Bevel
Item Number: F-615
Made in Japan
* Recently, the design has been renewed and the letters DP on the blade may have changed to VG10.

VG10 as core steel, clad by 13-chrome stainless steel, it has achieved both professional sharpness and easy maintenance.
Handle is hygienic all stainless steel with texture so called “tornado pattern” which prevents wet or greasy hand from slipping off.

     VG-10 is high-carbon stainless steel containing cobalt, hard. The material is excellent sharpness and has wear resistance. So spreads between the professional. It is developed and made by Takefu Special Steel Co.,Ltd.  It's Japanese company. 

     If the entire blade is very hard, it is difficult to sharpen. If the edge is soft, it is dull, and the sharpness falls immediately. So the hard material is used in the center only, the soft material is used in the side.  

      The highly purified iron are made by gas reduction method at low temperature is inserted in between stainless steels. It has excellent sharpness and is very easy to maintain. Impressive tornade pattern on the handle brings you comfortable grip ever.