Tojiro Pro Series VG10 All Stainless Gyuto Chef's Knife 180mm F-888

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Type: Chef Knife / Gyuto (Double Bevel)
Blade Material: VG10 DP Cobalt Alloy Steel Clad Stainless Steel Material
Core: VG10 / Cobalt Alloy Steel (Stainless Steel)
Outside: 13 Chrome Stainless Steel
Blade Length: 180 mm  ( 7'')
Total Length: 305 mm  (12”)
Weight: approx 140 g  (4.9 oz)
Blade Width: 44 mm
Thickness of Spine: max 2 mm
Handle Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel
Edging: Double Bevel
Made in Japan
* Recently, the design has been renewed and the letters DP on the blade may have changed to VG10.

Sheath (Saya) for this knife

VG10 as core steel, clad by 13-chrome stainless steel, it has achieved both professional sharpness and easy maintenance.
Handle is hygienic all stainless steel with texture so called “tornado pattern” which prevents wet or greasy hand from slipping off.

Global Standard of All Stainless Knives with Sandwiched Blade

DP cobalt alloy steel is an epoch-making clad steel manufactured by low temperature gas reduction method, which takes away impurities in a ore and lead to high purity iron.The cobalt alloy steel is sandwiched by 13 chrome. This series is absolutely “Global Standard” of all stainless knives combining 3 layers blade, which has good reputation among professionals with stainless handle.z

The sharpness without compromise and easiness of care are realized. Combining layered material with stainless handle,it is also very popular in Europe and throughout the world.

Adopted 18-8 Stainless Steel for All Series
We put tornado patterns, which is an identity of “Tojiro” on handles that were designed considering comfort grip as a top priority. The tornado patterns give you a not only the beautiful looking but less slippery even if you use with wet or greasy hand. The handles also have weight plate inside. It will realize an optimum balance and lead to your perfect control.

Because we never try to be very different for the shape of the handle to keep advantages of traditional wooden handle, you can use it as if the handle was the same one you have been using. Of course this handle is no breakage and corrosion with long time use.

Also because stainless handle does not have any chink, crack or connection part just like wooden handle, it prevents bacteria spreading and sterilizing in boiling water is possible.

Artistic Edging with Heart and Soul
Sticking to sharpness, the edge satisfies even professionals. We have more than 5 manufacturing process for edging on this series and are willing to spend a lot of time. Usually, durability is required for business-use, however, “Tojiro” have been pursuing the sharpness and studying edging and structure of a blade for a long time. This is one of a reason that many professionals use “Tojiro” as their favorite knife all over the world.

“Tojiro”, A Pioneer of Stainless Handle with 3 Layers Blade
A standard of “Tojiro”, pursuing the sharpness. Various kinds are available such as boning, western deba, bread slicer, etc. Also all stainless Japanese knives, first ever in the industry, and Chinese knives are very popular among professionals who need to keep their knives hygienically. Plus, the all stainless spatulas and the sharpener are also available.

VG-10 (Cobalt Alloy Steel) is high-carbon stainless steel containing cobalt, hard. The material has excellent sharpness and abrasion resistance. So it spread between the professionals. It is developed and made by Takefu Special Steel Co.,Ltd.  It's Japanese company. 

   If the entire blade is very hard, it is difficult to sharpen. If the edge is soft, it is dull, and the sharpness falls immediately. So the hard material is used in the center only, the soft material is used in the side.  VG-10 is hard, so Ceramic sharpening stone is recommended for speedy sharpening.