Tojiro DP Cobalt Alloy VG10 Western Deba Knife 210mm F-814

Tojiro DP Cobalt Alloy VG10 Western Deba Knife 210mm F-814

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Type: Western Deba Knife (Double Bevel)
Blade MaterialDP Cobalt Alloy Steel Clad Material
CoreCobalt Alloy Steel (VG10)
          Outside: 13 Chrome Stainless Steel
Blade Length: 210 mm (8.2'')
Total Length345 mm (13.6'')
Weight: 330 g (11.6 oz)
HandleReinforced Laminated Material
Model: F-814
Made in Japan
* Recently, the design has been renewed and the letters DP on the blade may have changed to VG10.

TOJIRO’s flagship model. VG10 as core steel, clad by 13-chrome stainless steel, it has achieved both professional sharpness and easy maintenance. Reinforced laminated handle is very durable and tough, not easily deformed and strong against deterioration over time.
Metal bolster is very hygienic and prevents stain and dirt from being accumulated between blade and handle.

VG-10 is high-carbon stainless steel containing cobalt, hard. The material has excellent sharpness and abrasion resistance. So it spread between the professionals. It is developed and made by Takefu Special Steel Co.,Ltd.  It's Japanese company.

If the entire blade is very hard, it is difficult to sharpen. If the edge is soft, it is dull, and the sharpness falls immediately. So the hard material is used in the center only, the soft material is used in the side.  VG-10 is hard, so Ceramic sharpening stone is recommended for speedy sharpening.

This series has been loved as standard articles for a long time. The edge made by skilled craftsmen provides you an amazing sharpness. Once you have, you will never part with it. The true professional use this series.

Note: Don't twist edge, and don't cut and hit frozen foods or bones, the edge will be chipped or broken.