Tojiro BASIC VG10 Gyuto Chef 200mm Knife F-317

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Brand:  Tojiro
Type: Gyuto / Chef Knife
 Blade Material: DP Cobalt Alloy Steel Clad Material 
                           Core:  Cobalt Alloy Steel (VG10)
                           Outside:  13 Chrome Stainless Steel
                           Double edged
Blade Length: 200 mm
Blade Width: 45 mm

Total Length: 320 mm
Thickness of Spine: 1.8 mm

Weight:  130 g (4.6 oz)
Handle: Laminated Reinforced Wood
Item Number: F-317  New Model
Made in Japan

This is the basic series of Tojiro's household knives that achieves the same sharpness as professional knives.

Kitchen knife developed for home use
  Even for household knives, there is no compromise on sharpness. Each blade is carefully sharpened by hand by craftsmen.
This series, named BASIC, contains the desire to let people know more easily about Tojiro's sharpness.
   The steel uses VG10, which is the highest material for cutlery. In addition to sharp sharpness and high toughness, it is a composite material that is also resistant to rust. In addition, Tojiro also focused on the thinness of the blade so that it can easily bite into the ingredients.

Durable laminated reinforced wood handle
Laminated reinforced wood is used for the handle. It has excellent durability and water resistance compared to natural wood, and is a functional handle that can be used for a long time while retaining the texture and feel of wood.

A high-quality cutting knife at home
It is a series that you can feel the sharpness that Tojiro has pursued at an affordable price even at home.

NOTE: Don't twist edge and hit. Don't cut and hit frozen foods or bones, the edge will be chipped or broken since the blade of Japanese is thinner for sharpness.