SUKENARI Damascus Gingami No,3 Wa Gyuto Chef Knife 240mm

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Blacksmith:  Sukenari
Type: Wa Gyuto
Blade Material  Nickel Damascus Gingami No,3
Core:  Gingami No,3
Outside:  Nickel Damascus Stainless Steel
Handle: Magnolia
Bolster: Water Buffalo
Edge: Double Bevel
Edge Length: approx 230mm
Blade Length: approx  240mm
Total Length: approx  380mm
Weight:  approx 198 g
Blade Width: approx 50 mm
Thicker portion of blade: approx 2.9 mm
HRC: 62-63

add Sheath (Saya) for this knife

     Sukenari is a high end professional knives manufacturer since 1933. Sukenari is renowned worldwide for their exceptional work making Honyaki Shirogami#1 knives and handmade ZDP-189 blades. Only a few blacksmiths in Japan (less than 5 to our knowledge) are capable of forging pure 100% carbon steel Honyaki knives and even fewer make handmade ZDP-189 knives, the skills and expertise required are immense.
    Sukenari high end quality knives have attracted quite a following in central Japan, and in recent years, in the rest of the world as well. Some consider their knives to be the best in the world. Their knives are in such demand that we had to pre-order a small amount of six knives six months in advance.

   The elegant wave pattern called the popular name "Sumi Nagashi" is one of the treasure which Japanese cutlery culture produced. Like the Japanese sword "Katana", the blade is made with harder and softer steel to layers. The same wave pattern does not exist. This edge is sharp, of course, it can slice tomato easily. 
   This edge is called "HAMAGURI-BA" in Japanese. HAMAGURI means clam, BA means edge. The edge form helps release foods and cut smoothly.  


Don't twist edge and hit. Don't cut and hit frozen foods or bones, the edge will be chipped or broken since the blade of Japanese is thinner for sharpness.
This knives are made by craftsmen and machines, there might be scratch.