SUEHIRO TRIPLE SHARPENER PRO KC-303 (#600/Ceramic[TKC-600] #320[TKC-320] #150[TKC-150])

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Manufacturer: Suehiro
Type: Multi-use triple sharpener

Product No.: KC-303
Package Size:  200×60×70mm (7.8×2.3×2.7'') 
Made in Japan

●The slit closer to the handle is for single-sided blades, such as broad-bladed ‘Deba’ knives and narrow-bladed ‘Yanagiba’ knives.
●The middle one is for double-sided (thin) steel blades.
●The top one is for stainless steel knives.

How to use【Suehiro Video】

※The scene of the movement of the rollers and the blade in the video is a CG image to explain the mechanism inside the sharpener.

1. Fill the tank with water and put the lid on.
2. Insert the knife into the slit moving back and forth (see the blue arrow in the picture below) about ten times pushing to the roller lightly. Please use the optimum slits depend on the type and thickness of the knife.

The large handle promises a secure grip and stable sharpening. The suspensions on the whetstone rollers make sure the rollers fit the entire blade with a constant pressure. This enables the smooth sharpening with great result.