SUEHIRO The DEBADO MD Finishing Whetstone grit #4000 MD-400

SUEHIRO The DEBADO MD Finishing Whetstone grit #4000 MD-400

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The series of largest whetstones.
Large whetstone (225mmx90mm) for sharpening especially long blades with ease.

The DEBADO MD is the series comprising the largest whetstones for professionals. Allows carving knives, sashimi knives, chefs’ knives, and other long blades to be sharpened easily. Because the whetstones are heavy, they are outstanding for their quality of stability. These non-absorbent whetstones are manufactured according to our original firing process. Just sprinkle a few drops of water and the grinder becomes slick. Ideal for achieving a sharp edge, the whetstone is harder than previous models and resistant to wear. While professional-grade, the whetstone is of course suitable for home use as well.

Manufacturer: Suehiro
Product No. MD-400

Stone Size:  225×90×24〜25mm (8.8×3.5×0.9'')
Package Size:  260×104×30mm (10.2×4.0×1.1'') 
Type: Finishing Whetstone grit #4000
Includes surface restoration stone

Made in Japan

Fired whetstones:
※This item is manufactured according to suehiro's original firing process. The product does not contain synthetic cement, nor is it made by the Gokumyo process.