SUEHIRO Sharpening Stone NEW CERAX CR-3003-Y Finishing Whetstone grit #3000(WA)

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NEW CERAX :CR-3003-Y Size 3 Finishing Whetstone

NEW CERAX Size 3 whetstones have a wide variety of products from medium-coarse to finishing whetstones. Storage cases for CERAX products can be used as a handy water tank for sharpening and suitable for household use too. Please try the products for your various knives from kitchen knives, carpenter’s tools to hatchet.

Cost-effective, versatile finishing whetstone for chisels, planes, steel or stainless steel kitchen knives, and longer knives. Size 3, grit 3000.

※Whetstone cleaning stone is included.


  • Product No. CR-3003-Y
  • Finishing Whetstone grit #3000(WA)
  • Whetstone Size 183×63×20mm
  • Package Size 240×93×43mm
  • Appr. 680g