SUEHIRO NEW CERAX Ceramic Dual Whetstone Sharpening stone #1500/280 CR-2800

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Manufacturer: Suehiro
Type: Combination 

Stone Size: 183×63×13 / 183×63×15mm  (7.2×2.5×0.5 / 7.2×2.5×0.6'') 

Medium: #1000 (blue)
Finish: #3000 (yellow)
Material: Ceramic 

               Stand / Synthetic rubber
               Storing Case /  Special styrene

Made in Japan
For Commercial use
 (Of course usable for home use)

NEW CERAX Size 3 Two-Sided Whetstone is a versatile whetstone for household use. Also, perfect for those who want to have minimum must-haves. Storage cases for CERAX products can be used as a handy water tank for sharpening and suitable for household use. Please try our products for your various knives from kitchen knives, carpenter’s tools to hatchet.

Grit 280 is ideal for quick adjustment of the edge. Grit 1500 is perfect for medium sharpening and finishing for household use. A handy whetstone for whose who want to get a quick mending for blunt knives.

※Whetstone cleaning stone is included.

How to sharpen

1,Put the water in case and soak in water for 10 minutes before sharpening.

2, just sharpen with the water which appears when you sharpen without washing it away.
3, How to sharpen
(Double bevel)
 sharpen one side 10-15 times, then the other side 10-15 times. with the same angle, with the same power. The angle is 7 degrees.
(Single bevel)
At first sharpen front side 10-15 times.
Next sharpen back side while pulling knife a few times for removing the burr.