SUEHIRO Handy Stone SKG-32 white #1000/green #220

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Place the knife on the attached stand so that the cutting edge will come into contact with the Handy Stone. Sharpen on a tabletop, sliding to hone the cutting edge.
With the knife placed on the attached stand, the blade will be set at a moderate sharpening angle. With the grip end of the Handy Stone set against the floor, it’s possible for anyone to sharpen effectively simply by sliding. For ordinary daily maintenance of knives, the white whetstone #1000 is ok by itself. When the cutting performance worsens, first use the green coarse whetstone #220, then the white whetstone #1000 for finishing.


  • Product No. SKG-32
  • white #1000/green #220
  • Package Size 190×48×45mm
  • Appr. 120g