SUEHIRO EZ Sharpening Sharpener with ultra-fine finishing whetstone Gokumyo HDK-8S (Diamond #500 / Gokumyo #8000)

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Product No. HDK-8S
Diamond #500 / Gokumyo #8000
Package Size 200×70×50mm
Appr. 200g

Equipped with Diamond #500 and Gokumyo #8000, this sharpener can be used for various types of knives such as ceramic, stainless steel and forged blades.
Place the accompanying holder on a flat surface and put the knife on it to maintain the right angle. Slide the whetstone keeping the end of the handle on the flat surface to sharpen the knife. Easy-to-use foolproof sharpener guarantees professional finish. (PAT)

Diamond #500 sharpens edges quickly. Gokumyo #8000 removes burrs and smoothens edges. This sharpener hones better than roll sharpeners and other sharpening tools as it works on the same principle as traditional whetstones. (Please spray water on Gokumyo #8000 using the accompanying spray bottle before whetting with it.)

It is easy to use. Please place the holder and the sharpener on the flat surface and slide (see the picture below). First use Diamond #500 and sharpen 15 to 20 times, then for finishing, use Gokumyo #8000 and whet 5 to 6 times. Then turn the knife over and whet a few times to remove the burrs. Diamond #500 is perfect for ceramic knives. Please use the attachment for whetting small knives.

Simple design, break-proof sharpener equipped with Gokumyo, small yet hard and durable whetstone, can be used for a long time. This is the product for those who want to whet knives easily but cannot be satisfied with the finish of roll sharpeners or cannot use traditional whetstones well.

Please use the attachment for whetting small knives.