SUEHIRO DEBADO S for Professional Ceramic Waterstone Sharpening Stone (stand not included)

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● A non-absorbent whetstone that sharpens when sprinkled with water.
● Abrasive mud slickens to provide superior sharpening properties.
● High grinding force and difficult to wear down.

Manufacturer: Suehiro
Stone Size:
 205×73×23 mm (8×2.8×0.9'') 

Material: Ceramic 
    Storage Case: Plastic
Made in Japan
Includes surface restoration stone

The professional-use size 1: choose from 6 types with added cost performance.
(This type does not include a stand.)

Made one at a time with artisanal care, we have evolved the DEBADO S Series of popular, non-absorbent whetstones for professionals.
With our original manufacturing process for producing fired, non-absorbent whetstones, the grinder becomes slick with just a few drops of water.
Ideal for achieving a sharp edge, the whetstone is harder than previous models and resistant to wear. While professional- grade, the whetstone is of course suitable for home use as well. We invite you to enjoy it for all your household needs.
Cost performance is an added feature, and the customer is encouraged to try it for home use.

   Suehiro is located in Niigata Prefecture. This prefecture is very famous as the city of cutlery. Tojiro(FUJITORA Industry), Shimomura Industry, KATAOKA(Brieto), YOSHIKIN(GLOBAL) are also located.

  Super Finish #6000

   Finish #3000

   Middle-Finish #1500

   Middle #1000

  Coarse-Middle #600

   Coarse #320

SUEHIRO Movie  How to Sharpen

How to sharpen

(Double bevel)
 sharpen one side 10-15 times, then the other side 10-15 times. with the same angle, with the same power. The angle is 15 degrees.
(Single bevel)
At first sharpen front side 10-15 times.
Next sharpen back side while pulling knife a few times for removing the burr.