SUEHIRO CR-400-G Size 1 Medium-Coarse Whetstone grit #320

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Manufacturer: Suehiro
Product No.: CR-400-G
Type: Medium-Coarse Whetstone grit #320(WA)

Whetstone Size: 206×73×23mm  (8.1×2.8×0.9'') 
Package Size: 240×93×45mm  (9.4×3.6×1.7'') 
Weight: approx 980g

Made in Japan
Whetstone cleaning stone is included.

NEW CERAX Size 1 whetstones have a wide variety of products from coarse, medium to finishing whetstones. Storage cases for CERAX products can be used as a handy water tank for sharpening and suitable for household use. Please try our products for your various knives from kitchen knives, carpenter’s tools to hatchet.

For nicked edges. Suitable for longer blades. Size 1, grit 320.