SUEHIRO Ceramic Dual-purpose sharpener for single- and double-edged knives KC-105 #320/Ceramic roller[TKC-400]

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Manufacturer: Suehiro
Type: Dual-purpose sharpener with suspension feature

Product No.: KC-105
Package Size:  155×58×70mm (6.1×2.2×2.7'') 
Material: #320/Ceramic roller[TKC-400]
Made in Japan

KC-105 is a sharpener which provides ease and smoothness of the sharpening process.
Suspension feature (PAT) moves the roller up and down flexibly and ensures effortless whetting. It maintains consistent strength and is easy to use even for first-time users. The roller is suitable for both single- and double-edged knives. The wide slit accommodates blades thick to thin in width. The handle is designed longer than our previous product and is easy to grip for men with large hands.