Saya Sheath for Western Style Utility Petty Knife 120mm

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These SAYA Sheaths are for Utility Petty Knives of Western handle
Material: Magnolia /HOU Wood
Pin: Ebony
Made in Japan

*Japanese Style knives don't fit.(Japanese handle style is Japanese Style Knives)

Blade Length: 120mm
Blade Width: under 30 mm
Thickness of Spine: under 2.5 mm

The Sheath fits to the followings.

CLASSIC Damascus Petty Knife 120mm F-650
CLASSIC Petty Knife 120mm F-801
TOJIRO PRO Petty Knife 120mm F-883
TOJIRO PRO Service en Salle Petty Knife 120mm FD-702

SG2 Hammered Petty Utility Knife 120mm ka209
Hammered Aogami Blue Super Petty Knife 120mm ka1109

Hammered MV steel Petty Knife 120mm ts612