Sakai Takayuki Coreless Damascus Kengata Gyuto 190mm Maicarta Handle

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Brand:  Sakai Takayuki
Type:  Kengata Gyuto / Chef Knife (Double edged)
Blade & Core Material: VG10 & VG2 Damascus

Blade Length: approx 190 mm
Blade Width: 50 mm
Blade Thickness: 1.8 mm
Total Length: 330 mm
Weight: approx  195 g (6.8 oz)
Handle: Black Maicarta
Made in Japan

    For these knives Sakai Takayuki uses many layers of Takefu Specialty Steel‘s signature VG10 and VG2 steels and laminate them using a proprietary rolling process. Reducing carbide size to the absolute minimum possible makes for a material with both higher attainable sharpness and toughness than normal VG10 steel.

About  Sakai 
  Sakai cutlery has been cultivated by the long history of 600 years. And Sakai cutlery produced by the craftsmen of reliable skill is famous for high quality and sharpness in all of the world. Sakai Takayuki, the company inherits the tradition, makes new technology fused and is producing high-quality kitchen knives.