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Sakai Takayuki

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HOMURA(焔)is high quality kitchen knife series  that was born in order to aim for a higher level in SAKAI TAKAYUKI brand series. 

  The blade which is streched the blade material of Yasuki Aogami 2 out carefully is being the best result with sharpness and persistence. 
  The HOMURA's engraved seal which is engraved at the blade means a raging blaze. It is a sign of the unshakable belief and the pride of craftsmen. 

  This kitchen knife is Japanese-style one, SAKAI UCHI HAMONO's true value that is utilized the material of Yasuki Aogami No.2 which is excellent durability and sharpness. This is double-edged, but possible to take in the exquisite sharpness of the blade. 

●Meister ITSUO DOI
  He masterred the secret skill from his father, KEIJIRO DOI who was widely known craftsperson. 
  He is producing excellent quality knives under his belief that steel is being strong if keeping it temper. 

Kengata Gyuto / Chef's knife (double-edged blade)
Length from the root of the handle: 225mm 
Blade Length: 205mm
Total Length: 370mm
Weight: 292 g
Thickness of Spine: 3.5mm
Blade width: 53mm
Handle: Ebony Octagonal Handle Water Buffalo
Blade Material: Yasuki Aogami 2, with family emblem of DOI
Sheath: Magnolia 

※As it is a handmade kitchen knife, there are some differences. 

  This knives are made by craftsmen, there are scratches and dent and so on.  Almost Japanese knives are thin blade. Don't twist edge, and don't cut and hit frozen foods or bones, the edge will be chipped or broken.

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