Kanjo Hammered MV steel Gyuto Chef Knife 210mm Red Handle

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Craftsman: Kanjo Tsukahara 
Location: Seki city 
Type: Gyuto / Chef's Knife (Double Bevel)
Blade Material: Molybdenum Vanadium Stainless Steel (1K6) 
Blade Length: approx 210 mm
Total Length: approx 356 mm
Weight: approx 173 g (6.1 oz)
Blade Width: 46 mm
Thickness of Spine: approx max 2 mm
Handle: Red Octagonal Laminated reinforced wood
HRC: 58+-1

Sheath Saya for this knife

  Made in Seki City, which boasts a 700-year tradition, kanjo offers kitchen knives of various steel types and the design. For example, ZDP189, HAP40, SG2, White steel, Blue steel and so on. In Japan, only a few makers can offer ZDP189, HAP40 knives.

  The shape of blade is called "HAMAGURI-BA" in Japanese. HAMAGURI means clam, BA means blade or edge.  It smoothly cuts into ingredients and is an ideal shape has strength.

  This edge was sharpened as "Honbatsuke". "Hon" means real, "ba" means edge and "tsuke" means making in this case. In other words, the edge is sharpened very well for professional chefs. You will be amazed at this sharpness. This is the truly Japanese edge of kitchen knives.