Kanetsune Seki TSUCHIME Hammered Finish VG-1 Santoku Knife 165mm KC-942

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"Hammered Santoku 165mm w/Mahogany handle"
●OVERALL LENGTH : 285mm (11.22")
●BLADE LENGTH : 165mm (6.50")
●BLADE STEEL : VG-1 Stainless steel/SUS410 Stainless steel, "Tsuchime(hammered) finish"
●HRC : 58-59
●HANDLE : Mahogany wood / Stainless steel bolster
●WEIGHT : 150g (5.29oz.)

Made in Japan

     This 3-Layers blade is a combination of hard stainless steel and soft stainless steel. This inherits the tradition of blade structure of the Japanese sword (Katana), the sharpness is famous worldwide. This has the advantage of trenchant VG1 and stainless steel that is easy to care.  

     VG-1 is a high-grade material. Features of the VG-1 is hard HRC 58-59 and high toughness. The organization is dense. Moreover it is a stainless steel cutlery of the ideal with excellent corrosion resistance.

Seki City
    Seki city is the top share of cutlery in 5 biggest producing area of Japan. The feature of Seki's cutlery is the edge is hard, the durability of the sharpness. The cutlery produced by Japanese traditional techniques and the precious knowledge containing appropriate quenching is easy re-sharpening, the sharpness is excellent and sustains for a long time. The sword of Seki City was praised for "Not breaking, not bending,and it can cut well". Seki city inherits the precious tradition.