Kanetsune Seki SANDVIK AB Swedish 19C27 3Layer Chef Knife Gyuto 180mm KC-153

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Type:  Chef's Knife / Gyuto
Blade Material: SANDVIK 19C27 Clad Stainless Steel
   Core:  SANDVIK 19C27
   Outside:  Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Handle Material:  Black plywood 
Total Length: 300 mm  (11.8")
Blade Length: 180 mm (7.3")
Weight: 140
HRC: 60-61
Sub-Zero treatment:  -70 degree
  It is finished in hard steel and homogenization of the organization.
Made in Japan 

     As with traditional Japanese sword(KATANA), and combines the different materials of two kinds, it is to have razor edge and ease of sharpening that is not obtained with a single material. The edge of 19C27 in sub-zero treated to quenching in liquid nitrogen, strong against rust with high hardness, also it is strong to chipping, the sharpened edge will last longer.
   This knife is top quality knife which is made from the tradition and the original technique, using the highest highly-pure 19c27 steel of the quality in knife steel materials of SANDVIK AB.

About "19C27" 
  Purity of iron is good and the molecule is fine.  It has hardness HRC60-61, stickiness and and abrasion resistance, so boasts a sharp edge, strong against rust.

  Carbon: 0.95%  Silicon: 0.4%   Manganese: 0.65% Chromium: 13.5%

 SANDVIK is one of the world's leading special steel manufacturer that has been established in Sweden countries in 1862.

About "Seki City"
    Seki city is the top share of cutlery in 5 biggest producing area of Japan. The feature of Seki's cutlery is the edge is hard, the durability of the sharpness. The cutlery produced by Japanese traditional techniques and the precious knowledge containing appropriate quenching is easy re-sharpening, the sharpness is excellent and sustains for a long time. The sword of Seki City was praised for "Not breaking, not bending,and it can cut well". Seki city inherits the precious tradition.