Isshin Damascus AUS10 Santoku Knife 165mm

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Brand:  Isshin Cutlery
Type:  Santoku Knife (Double Bevel)
Blade Material: AUS10 / Nickel 67 Layers Damascus (Acid Etching Finish)
                Core: AUS10
Blade Length:  165 mm (6.6'')
Total Length: 310 mm (12.2")
Thickness of Spine: 2mm
Weight: 119 g (4.2 oz)
Blade Height: 46 mm
Handle: Lacquered Oak Octagonal Handle
HRC: 60
Made in Japan

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   This Damascus pattern is like a swirl of sea waves. It will attract your heart with its unique pattern.

   The shape of blade is called "HAMAGURI-BA" in Japanese. HAMAGURI means clam, BA means blade or edge.  It smoothly cuts into ingredients and is an ideal shape has strength.  

   AUS10 is a high-grade stainless cutlery steel made by Aichi Steel Co., Ltd., which has added chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, etc. to stainless steel to improve hardness and wear resistance. Because it is a material with a large amount of carbon, it can achieve high hardness by moderate quenching, and can have the characteristics of sharp cutting and edg retention.