Gokumyo Flattening Whetstone/#220 Coarse Whetstone GC200-GMSV

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This durable, fine whetstone is produced using the Gokumyo method and can be used for surface restoration and edge sharpening.

The slitted side is suitable for surface restoration (especially for Gokumyo products and our other non-absorbent whetstones).
This surface restoration whetstone is just as solid and long-lasting as premium “Gokumyo” whetstone products.

The flat side can be used as alternative to the #220 coarse whetstone.
Compared to other existing products, this whetstone has smoother finish but can be used for quick edge sharpening.

Product No. GC200-GMSV
Gokumyo Flattening Whetstone/#220 Coarse Whetstone [Non-absorbent]
Whetstone Size Appr. 180×60×16mm
Appr. 490g
JAN Code 4966684061033
Made in Japan

Usage Instructions:

1. To use as surface restoration whetstone

Please use the slitted side for surface restoration.
To achieve a level surface, please wet both the whetstone and the surface restoration whetstone and rub them together.

2. To use as a coarse whetstone

Please use the flat side as a coarse whetstone.
Before use, pour some water onto the whetstone. This product is for correcting chipped blades. If necessary, please use a medium and finishing whetstone afterwards.

*Please note that the whetstone size may differ slightly from the dimensions listed due to the characteristics of the manufacturing method and post-processing.
*Please note that we may change materials and colors without prior notice due to improvements and material cost fluctuations, etc.