Mutsumi Hinoura (日野浦 睦)

Blacksmith Mutsumi Hinoura and his father Mr.Tsukasa mainly forge Shirogami White steel #2 in Sanjo City Niigata Prefecture. His father prefers to forge white #2 carbon steel knives because the steel is sharper than stainless steel knives. Thus Mr. Mutsumi also offer white #2 knives mainly. Needless to say that their knives have good reputation.

   In late Meiji Era, about 100 years ago, their first generation Shintaro started business as a Sickle smith.  Mr. Tsukasa decided to be a blacksmith in 1978. Mr. Mutsumi too in 2001. Mr.Tsukasa studied metallurgy with self taught and his microscope.

  Niigata Sanjyo city is well known as producer of cutlery in Japan. There aren't many blacksmiths who can forge kitchen knives in the city now.

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