Tojiro MV Steel 2 Layers Yanagiba Sashimi Knife with Elastomer Handle

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Type: Yanagiba / Sashimi Knife
Blade Material
           Core: Molybdenum Vanadium Steel
           Outside: 13 Chrome Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Elastomer
Blade type: single bevel & right handle
Made in Japan

FD-1110 210mm
Total Length: 340mm
Weight: approx 120g

FD-1111 240mm
Total Length: 370mm
Weight: approx 155g

FD-1112 270mm
Total Length: 415mm
Weight: approx 200g

FD-1113 300mm
Total Length: 445mm
Weight: approx 225g

Employed Elastomeric Resin Handle, an Advanced Idea

Tojiro has been trying new challenges besides protecting or taking over Japanese tradition. They also has been hearing from a lot of customers who are not allowed to use traditional wooden handles at their workplace because hygiene control is adopted. That is why they decided to develop new Japanese-style knives with resin-handle as one of our new challenges. Because “Handle-replacement” is a precondition structure of original Japanese-style knives, water comes into handle from the chink between the blade and handle. Then miscellaneous bacteria propagate and wooden handle decays.

They completely solved this problem using know-how of resin handle molding learned from “Tojiro Color” series.

They could finally have functions suitable for hygiene control. However, they never try to be different for the handle shape. They employed traditional octagonal shape handle that has been used since ancient times. The tactile and easiness to control is still the same feeling. Also because of elastomeric resin, the soft-comfortable grip is just like wooden handle.
There also is a “Tojiro” logo on the butt.

Remaining Advantages of Stainless Steel

As you already know, iron is used for knives that are considered the sharpness is a top priority, however, it gets rust very easily.
Professional chefs can take care of the knives everyday as their daily task, but it is very hard to avoid the rust even them. They really would like to reduce your worry except about cooking, which is our major concept to design this series. The blades that have more corrosion resistance reduce your time for daily care. You can use your time effectively to learn more skills or enjoy your personal time by using the saving time. Of course there is no compromise with the sharpness even if it is stainless steel. Since resin handle and stainless steel are employed, no need to replace handle and it is easy for daily care. Designed considering Hygienic control, which is top priority, and the best for workplaces adopting HCCP supervision.

Artistic Edging with Heart and Soul

Sticking to sharpness, the edge satisfies even professionals. They has more than 5 manufacturing process for edging on this series and are willing to spend a lot of time. Usually, durability is required for business-use, however, “Tojiro” have been pursuing the sharpness and studying edging and structure of a blade for a long time. This is one of a reason that many professionals use “Tojiro” as their favorite knife all over the world.

Hygiene Control for Next Generation with Resin Handle

To complete the hygienic control, They employed resin handle molded with blade. Because there is no chink between the blade and handle, bacteria won’t propagate. The tactile grip of elastomeric handle and the sharp 2-layer molybdenum vanadium blade will support your work and HACCP system.

Note: Don't twist edge, and don't cut and hit frozen foods or bones, the edge will be chipped or broken.