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TOJIRO SHIROGAMI White Steel Black Finished Chef's Knife GYUTO 210mm F-694


  • $65.00

Brand:  Tojiro
Type:  Chef's Knife / Gyuto
Blade Material: Core/Shirogami Carbon Steel  
                            Outside/ Soft Iron

Blade Length:  210 mm ( 8.2'')
Total Length:  350 mm (13.8'')
Weight:  170 g ( 6 oz)
Handle:  Magnolia
Item Number: F-694 
Made in Japan

    This series pursue the sharpness that is demanded as Japanese Kitchen Knives. And these are the masterpiece of Japanese kitchen knives which are achieved at a high level fusion of modern technology and the inheritance of tradition. If you become aware of the goodness of carbon steel and the feeling of size that is easy to maneuverability and double-edged finish the familiar, these are comfortable to use and not go back.  

  Yasuki Sirogami carbon steel which is hard and the sharpness maintain for a long time used by professionals in Japan.

    If the entire blade is very hard, it is difficult to sharpen. If the edge is soft, it is dull, and the sharpness falls immediately. So the hard material is used in the center only, the soft material is used in the side. 

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