SUKENARI Hon Kasumi Shirogami White #2 Sashimi Yanagiba Knife 270mm

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BLADE STEEL : Shirogami #2 (White Steel #2) Core Clad Soft Iron
Edge/Blade Length:
Overall Length: 415mm
Blade Width: 31mm
Thickness of Spine: max around 3.8mm
Weight: around 173 g
HRC : 63+-0.5
HANDLE : Octagonal HOU (Magnolia Wood)
Ferrule : Water Buffalo

   Sukenari is a high end professional knives manufacturer since 1933. Sukenari is renowned worldwide for their exceptional work making Honyaki Shirogami#1 knives and handmade ZDP-189 blades. Only a few blacksmiths in Japan (less than 5 to our knowledge) are capable of forging pure 100% carbon steel Honyaki knives and even fewer make handmade ZDP-189 knives, the skills and expertise required are immense.

  Sukenari high end quality knives have attracted quite a following in central Japan, and in recent years, in the rest of the world as well. Some consider their knives to be the best in the world. 

  This Hon Kasumi Shirogami white #2 is recommended for chefs who loves sharpness and to sharpen easier. Shirogami #2 is pure, high carbon steel and easy to sharpen.

* Honayaki knives: knives that are made with only carbon steel, unlike san-mai or ni-mai knives that combine soft iron and steel together. They require special skill and training and fewer than five people in whole of Japan have the expertise required to forge such knives. They are truly the peak of Japanese traditional forging.

Saya Sheath for this knife

Note: This carbon steel is not rust resistance. Please wash, wipe and dry it up well after use. In case rust appears on the edge, remove it by a sharpening stone. In case rust appears on the blade, use cleanser(in case of stainless steel) or scourer(in case of iron steel). (scratch may appear)
Japanese knives are made by craftsmen, there are scratches. Almost Japanese knives are thin blade. Don't hit and cut frozen food or bones, the edge will be chipped or broken. 

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Sukenari Forging
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