SUEHIRO HW5G DADA Diamond Whetstone for Surface Restoration #150 / #500

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Ideal for surface restoration of non-absorbent, hard whetstones. Strong diamond whetstone enables quick surface restoration.

Product No. HW5G-DADA
Coarse to fine finish, case included, Diamond #150/ Diamond #500
Whetstone Surface approx. 150×50mm
Product Size approx. 171×73×51mm
Approx. 350g

Double-sided electrodeposited diamond whetstone for surface restoration. Strong diamond surface restores dented whetstone surface immediately.
Quick surface restoration for coarse and fine finishing whetstones, even hard ones such as non-absorbent Gokumyo, Kouseki, DEBADO series or ones that easily get clogged. Use the coarse #150 Diamond side to flatten the whetstone surface quickly. Then, polish with the #500 Diamond side to get an ideal whetstone surface instantly.
The plastic storage case (intellectual property right registered) can be used as a holder.

* This product can be used for polishing super hard blades by applying oil to the whetstone.