Suehiro Gokumyo Ryu series MY-13 Pre-final Medium Whetstone grit #1200

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A combination stone with a smooth, durable “Gokumyo Series” whetstone, and a standard fired whetstone.

The thicker, fired stone produces a great deal of sharpening mud, and uses the traditional water-sharpening method. The thinner “Gokumyo Series” whetstone does not wear down, so it gives a smoother sharpening experience, and only requires a small amount of water. This is a combination whetstone which can be used differently according to the type of knife to be sharpened. Or, after sharpening with the thicker side, you can completely finish the sharpening process with the thinner side. Please enjoy two flavors of sharpening in a single unit.

Product No. MY-13
Pre-final Medium Whetstone grit #1200
Whetstone Size 205×73×4~5/20~22mm
Package Size 220×88×55mm
Appr. 1050〜1150g
Includes surface restoration stone
Made in Japan

Usage Instructions:
The Gokumyo processed whetstone (the thinner side) is high-density with ultra-fine pores, and can be used for sharpening immediately after wetting it lightly. If you are using the thicker side or both sides, begin sharpening after completely immersing the stone in water. There is no risk of a change in quality in a normal environment (summer, winter temperatures), or from soaking in water. You can use it in the same manner as a typical fired artificial whetstone.
* To maintain the stone’s ability to sharpen, please clean the whetstone with water and restore the surface with the restoration stone included in the set after each use.