Kanetsune Seki White Steel SIROGAMI Damascus Usuba Nakiri Knife 165mm KC-421

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KC-421 Usuba 165mm
Usuba is a kind of Japanese chef knife style. Usuba is used to cut vesetables. Radish, carrot, cucumber, burdock root, and so on.

●BLADE LENGTH : 165mm (6.5")
●BLADE STEEL : White Steel (SIROGAMI) Core / Damascus 11 Layers
●HRC : 60
●HANDLE : Traditional D-Shaped Red Sandalwood w/ Black Plywood Bolster 
                      ( For Right Handed)
Made in Japan 

  This 11-Layers blade is not only beautiful but also the high-grade in strength, durability, sharpness. This inherits the tradition of blade structure of the Japanese sword (Katana), the sharpness is famous worldwide. The elegant wave pattern called the popular name "Sumi Nagashi" is one of the treasure which Japanese cutlery culture produced. Like Japanese sword "Katana", the blade is made with low and high carbon stainless steel to layers. The same wave pattern does not exist. It is one article that can withstand use for home use and professional use by the forging. 

Note: This carbon steel is not resistant to rust. Please wash, wipe and dry it up well after use. In case rust appears on the edge, remove it by a sharpening stone. In case rust appears on the blade, use cleanser(in case of stainless steel) or scourer(in case of iron steel). (scratch may appear)

About "Seki City"
    Seki city is the top share of cutlery in 5 biggest producing area of Japan. The feature of Seki's cutlery is the edge is hard, the durability of the sharpness. The cutlery produced by Japanese traditional techniques and the precious knowledge containing appropriate quenching is easy re-sharpening, the sharpness is excellent and sustains for a long time. The sword of Seki City was praised for "Not breaking, not bending,and it can cut well". Seki city inherits the precious tradition.