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Katayama Damascus AOGAMI Super Custom Nakiri Knife 165mm

Yuta Katayama

  • $325.00


Blacksmith: Katayama Knives
Type: Custom Nakiri (Double bevel edged)
Blade Material: AOGAMI(Blue Paper)  Super SUMINAGASHI(Damascus) Clad Soft Iron
                           Core: AOGAMI(Blue Paper) Super
Blade Length: approx 165 mm
Overall Length: approx 296 mm

Blade Width: 50 mm
Weight: approx 244g (8.6oz)
Handle: Micarta 
HRC: around 63

     The knives made in Echizen city are called "Echizen Uchi(Forging) Hamono(Cutlery)". The art of making Japanese kitchen knives has a history of about 700 years. Echizen Uchi Hamono is designated as "Traditional Crafts" by the Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry. These knives are forged by blacksmiths, these knives are harder to be chipped and the sharpness continues longer. The organization of material changes homogeneously, it is observed by a microscope.  
   Katayama makes custom field knives and kitchen knife. He considered easiness of grip and made this knife. It may be said that the design of handle is worthy design.


     AOGAMI Super is registered trademark of HITACHI Metals,ltd. It is the steel that molybdenum and vanadium are added to AOGAMI. This abrasion resistance and sharpness is outstanding.

Carbon:1.4-1.5  Silicon:0.1-0.2  Mn:0.2-0.3  P<0.025  S<0.004  Cr:0.20-0.50  W:1.00-1.50

AOGAMI Super is not rust resistance.  In case rust appears on the edge, remove it by a sharpening stone. In case rust appears on the blade, use cleanser(in case of stainless steel) or scourer(in case of iron steel). (scratch may appear) The edge is turned black easily.
This is made by craftsmen, so there are some scratches.
Don't cut and hit frozen foods or bones, the edge will be chipped or broken.