Yu Kurosaki SG2 Super Gold 2 Petty Knife 120mm Senko Rosewood Red Ferrule

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Blacksmith: Yu Kurosaki
Type: Petty / Utility Knife (Double Bevel)
Blade Material: Hammered(TSUCHIME) Super Gold 2 Clad Stainless Steel 
                Core:  Super Gold 2 (Powder high-speed Stainless steel)
Blade Length: 120 mm
Total Length: approx 244 mm
Thickness of Spine: approx max 2mm
Blade Width: approx 27mm
Weight: approx 68g (2.39 oz)
Handle: Octagonal Rosewood / Ferrule: Laminated Rainforced Wood
HRC: 62

The Sheath Saya for the Knife

Kurosaki edge Guard

    Blacksmith Yu Kurosaki makes his knives in Echizen City. Knives in Echizen city are the Traditional Crafts designated by the Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry. His forged kitchen knives and forged Field knives are masterpieces. He has participated in a number of knife show so far, is the hot young craftsman of attention as the feature is organized magazines and TV.  

  This series is Senko means flash in Japanese. The feature of this series is the thin blade and light weight and the blades are forged at room temperature.

  Super Gold 2 is registered trademark of Takefu Special Steel Co Ltd.  A large quantity of high alloy ingredients are included by powder metallurgy. And it is super high quality steel that rich in high corrosion-resistant, high hardness, high toughness, high wear resistance. Though this HRC is high, it is easy to relatively re-sharpen it. And the edge retention is outstanding. Thus famous chefs prefer this steel. 



Japanese knives are made by craftsmen and machines, there might be scratch. Almost Japanese knives are thin blade for sharpness. Don't hit and cut frozen food or bones, the edge will be chipped or broken.

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