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SAYA Sheath with Ebony Pin for Sujihiki / Fillet / Carving Knife 240 270mm


  • $32.00

These SAYA Sheaths fits the following knives
●Material : Magnolia /HOU Wood
●Pin: Ebony

We cannot support except the following knives for fit

 240mm Western Style
  Tojiro F-805,886

270mm Western Style 
Tojiro F-806,887

240mm Japanese Style (Thickness of Spine: under 3.5mm)
    All Kurosaki Sujihiki Knives 240mm

270mm Japanese Style

    Kato Aogami Super Nashiji( Not fit perfectly)
    Kato SG2 Damascus Sujihiki Knife
    All Kurosaki Sujihiki Knives

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