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Brand:  GIHEI
Type:  Nakiri Knife
Blade Material :HITACHI YASUKI SHIROGAMI #2 Clad Soft Iron 
                Core: HITACHI YASUKI SHIROGAMI White Steel #2
           Outside:  Soft Iron
Blade Length:  165 mm (6.5'')
Total Length:   305 mm (12'')
Weight:  135 g (4.7 oz)
Handle: HOU (Magnolia)
Edge: Double Bevel
Bolster: Plastic
Made in Japan

    This knife is Japanese Traditional Handmade Forged knife which is made with
 the technique that GIHEI cultivated for five generations and Forging technology preserved to the Sanjo-City.  By forging steel, organization becomes dense, uniform, will result in a superior cutlery.

This 3-Layers blade is a combination of hard carbon steel and soft stainless steel. This inherits the tradition of blade structure of the Japanese sword (Katana), the sharpness is famous worldwide. This has the advantage of trenchant SHIROGAMI/White steel and soft iron that is easy to sharpen.  

    The shop of two blacksmiths is located in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture. The city is 5 biggest producing area of Japan. 

Iron will rust in the acid, salt, moisture, etc.. Shirogami steel is easy to rust, please wipe after use and keep it dry and clean.
If it have rust, it will be cleaned to polish by with scrubbing pad or round slices of radish it with a cleanser.
Don't cut frozen foods, please completely thawed.

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